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Meet Rebecca

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Rebecca is a deeply caring Yoga Therapist, Personal Trainer, and Health Coach with a strong desire to help others create a healthy and fulfilling life. 


Her personal journey with health and fitness began as a young adult as she sought out tools to alleviate her anxiety as well as manage a back injury. As the years passed, her love for yoga continued to grow and her personal practice became more spiritual.  At the same time, she found pushing her strength and fitness not only helped her physical body, but became one of the greatest tools to manage her energy and mood. She also found life-style choices and what food she consumed played a vital role in her total wellbeing.


Rebeccas interest and knowledge of physical, mental & energetic wellness is vast and what fuels her most is sharing this knowledge with others. She has been working in the health and fitness industry since 2017 and has accumulated the following education:

1000+ hours yoga training

Meditation Training

Pilates training 

Cert III & IV in Fitness

Certificate in Clinical Ayurveda


Rebecca has accumulated a body of knowledge through study and experience, and approaches each session differently as she's learned how individualised we all are, and how the tools we use to find optimal health in the "now" also change, much like the seasons. She knows that one size does not fit all, and is especially fascinated by women's health and their ever-changing cycle. 

Based on her clients needs she will use tools from her study of Yoga, Meditation, Personal training, Pilates, and Ayurveda, to create a protocol suitable for the individual in front of her. 

Rebecca works with clients in a variety of ways, and offers in home & online sessions as well as program and meal plan packages

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