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Yoga Therapy

Elderly Couple Practising Yoga

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is a process that uses the teachings and practices of yoga to empower an individual in their healing and wellbeing.

In general, clients will receive a daily practice uniquely suited to their needs, and over the course of a few weeks the practice will be progressed or adjusted appropriately. The therapist and client relationship, as well as the clients commitment to the process, is essential.

Through use of, but not limited to, techniques such as asana(postures) pranayama (breath work), meditation and mindfulness, 

Yoga Therapy can be used to help optimise ones health,  and alleviate a range of experiences, such as:

Anxiety,  Depression, Trauma, Insomnia

Chronic Pain and Illness

Injury and Surgery Recovery



Why Yoga Therapy?




Yoga therapy is much different than going to a yoga class as the session is designed specifically for the individual.  The one on one experience, along with the follow up sessions allows the therapist to work with the individual on an unique and intricate level, which supports and progresses the client in their healing. 

Yoga is an ancient system that has been used for thousands of years to help people live to their highest potential.  This system views individuals as a whole, and addresses the root cause of ailments, rather than just symptoms.

For some, yoga therapy is a complementary approach that integrates well with a range of medicinal and healing modalities, and for others, yoga is their main source of healing and maintaining well being. 

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